3 Unique Food experiences in India

Food in itself is an experience that one fancies. These restaurants in India serve you much more than just a plate of food.

A test to your senses

1. Blindfold

Blindfold | trugo travels

It is time to put your eyes to rest as this restaurant in Bangalore lets you explore food through other senses. The place lets you get involved in food using sound, touch and taste of course, but wearing a ‘blindfold’ all throughout. The unique concept of the restaurant does not let it compromise on its food. The menu changes every day and you will be served a pre-curated three course meal that is sure to take you by surprise.

2. Echoes

Echoes | trugo travels

Served with some delicious food is an opportunity to walk on somebody’s path. This branch of restaurants is run by deaf-mute people and offers an experience that lets you appreciate small things. Lights, signs, sign-boards, and your handwriting becomes mediums of communication. The warmth of this place is sure to make you leave with a content stomach and a beaming smile.

Branches: Delhi and Bangalore

Cuteness Overloaded

1. Cat Café Studio

Cat Café Studio | trugo travels

India’s first Cat café, located in Mumbai is a home to rescue cats. The place lets you spend time with all of them while you sip on some brewed coffee and eat some delicious cakes. The place also caters to other interests by providing books and board games. All you animal enthusiasts and cat lovers, this is your destination for a cozy evening.

2. Therpup- The dog cafe

Therpup- The dog cafe | trugo travels

Brace yourselves to be endlessly loved at this cafe in Bangalore where you will be welcomed by paws. The place also serves some simple and flavoured food and you wouldn’t even have to pause your time with the extremely happy and excited dogs.

What’s your concept?

1. Bar Stock Exchange

Bar Stock Exchange | trugo travels

Imagine sitting at stock exchange trading for alcohol and spirits. With multiple branches in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore, this franchise gives you a real time experience of stock exchange where the prices change based on real demand. You can also order, control and monitor the rates using a specially developed app. Cheers to a rollercoaster ride of drinks, food and rates!

2. Kunzum travel cafe

 Kunzum travel cafe | trugo ravels

This cafe in Delhi creates a hub for travellers and travel enthusiasts to meet in the real world. A one stop destination to travel beyond places through stories, experiences photographs, books and so much more. All of this while you enjoy a cup of coffee and some cookies. You might just change your travel plans after all the anecdotes you hear.

3. Hijackk Cafe

Hijackk Cafe | trugo travels

This restaurant ‘on wheels’ lets you traverse the lanes of Ahmedabad on a double decker bus while enjoying your favourite cuisine. This mobile restaurant takes you on a food ride for 1-2 hours while serving you some gourmet dishes. So get set to experience food and travel on the same ride.

So start exploring and let these food pit stops add a new dimension to your journey.