5 Heritage Walks that you can take in India

“Traveling – It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

-Ibn Battuta

A storyteller, a writer, a photographer, an artist, a tour guide, a traveller. Labels change, so does roles but the aspiration remains the same. To rekindle a culture, to treasure a heritage. A journey to any land remains incomplete without experiencing its crude heritage. In a country like India that takes pride in its diverse heritage, an essential bullet on your travel list should be to take a heritage walk. A walk that lets you set foot on the nation’s past through its monuments, witness its growth through the communities and gives you stories to take back home.

Red fort, Old Delhi, India- Trugo Luxury Travels
Red fort, Old Delhi, India

Purani Dili (Old Delhi)

The capital city perfectly blends the past and present of this nation. A walk through the narrow lanes of Old Delhi will take you to the past of India. Amidst the crowded markets, you can see the most colourful ‘bazaars’, mansions, temples and mosques that history has left behind. Ensure a quick pit stop at the stalls to taste some scrumptious street food and junk jewellery. Rulers have changed over the years, but the people have remained the same and so has their lives. A walk through these lanes will be steps into the lifestyle that existed even a hundred years ago.

Akshardham Temple Ahemdabad | Trugo Luxury travels
Akshardham Temple, Ahemdabad, India

Amdavad ( Ahmedabad)

The history and lives of this city has revolved around its architecture. A walk through the old city takes you on an architectural voyage of Indo-Islamic monuments, temples and space crafted into community. A unique feature here is the carved wooden houses (pol houses) and the secret passages that lie behind their doors. A walk through these lanes will be an experience of timeless architecture.

Goa beach , india | Trugo Luxury Travels
Goa, India

Velha Goa (Old Goa)

Colonial rule in India is an integral part of Indian history. A walk through the remains of Old Goa will take you back into the Portugese days, housing some of the best churches and colonies. Apart from the architectural aspects, this walk shows you a heritage that is based on influence, art and tradition being carried forward. A walk through this city will be a serene walk down the memory lane of this nation.

Golden Temple | Trugo luxury Travels
Golden Temple, Amritsar, India

Ambarsar ( Amritsar )

A city that is remembered for its relegious value has a 400 year old heritage. The vibrance and the elegance of this city radiates through the intricate works and structures. The intricacy moves beyond structures into finer crafts, some of which are practised even today. A walk through these fine works is a journey starting from the past into the present to witness how art is passed down from generations to be kept alive till today. Ensure to take some of these priceless crafts back home.

High Court, Madras | Trugo Luxury Travels
High Court, Madras, India

Madras (Chennai)

A walk through the religious and cultural epicentre of Chennai- Mylapore will take you into the oldest town in Chennai and its activities. The colours in the flowers, the silk, the fruits and vegetables is a complete contrast to the classic styles of the typical houses, temples and churches. All of this in one town gives you a complete cultural experience of the State. Take a moment at every stop and you would have sought an insight into the daily life of dweller.

Heritage lies in every square foot of this country. So all you have to do is take a few steps, put on some weather-friendly clothes, pack a handy bag, imbibe as much as you can and there you are set on a journey of exploration and on your way to become a storyteller.

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