6 Most Romantic Destinations in India

The destination may not matter as much as the journey, but certain destinations are sure to bring back those butterflies in your stomach through the experiences they create.

1.Backwaters of Allepey

backwater of allepey | trugo travels

Also known as the ‘Venice of the East’, Allepey is famous for its backwaters and traditional Kerala houseboats. Spend a night with your loved one in a private houseboat with all the modern amenities and experience one of nature’s untouched beauty. Watch the night sky filled with stars and the silhouettes of the coconut trees by the moonlight and let the flow of the calm water move you.

2.Getaway at Coorg

Getaway at Coorg | trugo travels

A small cottage at an altitude amongst a plantation, losing yourselves in the aroma of the fresh coffee beans, what could be a better description of a romantic getaway? A short trip to Coorg will give you all these experiences at one destination. So run away into the hills with your partner and experience truly being with each other.

3.Date night in Mumbai

Date night in Mumbai | trugo travels

The calm sea, a skyline that keeps the city awake could be the backdrop for your perfect date night if you’re on one of the rooftop lounges in Mumbai. Be prepared for it to be a tad heavy on your pockets, but it is definitely going to make your partner feel special and make any other day extraordinary.

4.Walk by a beach in Goa

Walk by a beach in Goa | trugo travels

A silent night, all you can hear is the sound of the waves, all you can see is what the moon decides to cast its light upon, all you can feel is the loose sand slipping through your feet and your partners palm wrapped in yours. But if you are in South Goa and walking by the Betalbatim beach, you would also see the water glow. So walk without a destination and live in the moment with your partner.

5.Holiday at Havelock islands

Holiday at Havelock islands | trugo travels

Shades of blue, with a tinge of green and tint of brown. If a nature that paints such a picture,defines your idea of a romantic getaway, then head straight to Havelock islands in India’s Andaman island. Known for its dive sites, beaches, coral reefs and wildlife, this destination will make for a perfect holiday with your partner. Indulge in nature and it’s adventures to redefine your romance.

6.Camp night at Thar desert

Camp night at Thar desert | trugo travesl

Lying down gazing under the stars has been probably the most romanticised activity over the years. Thar desert gives you and your partner the perfect destination to transform into star-crossed lovers. A hectic day at a desert watching the golden sun shine upon the infinite desert, and at the end of it all, a calm night with your partner by your side and a sky full of stars, let the moon rekindle your romance. Travelling with your partner is going to give you memories for a lifetime. So why not put in
that little extra effort to let these destinations create those memories for you.