7 Best Views that you can capture in India

How often are we awed by looking at something? Few things are captured by the eye much more than words could ever do. Your journey would be incomplete without letting yourself immerse in nature’s flawless art in India.

1. Night sky at Mumbai

Mumbai-night | Trugo Luxury Travels

In a city that is at a constant race against time, take a moment to be lost in the absolute calmness of the waves of the sea. Watch the city that never sleeps in the tiny pockets of light against the night sky, while sitting at the Marine drive by the sea.

2. Sunset and Moon rise at Rann of Kutch

rann-of-kutch | Trugo Luxury Travels

The rays of the sun slowly turning an infinite desert of white sand into orange and yellow, that is when you know the sun has set. And soon watch the salt desert glittering by the moon light. Watch the science we’ve all been taught as kids turn into a charismatic experience like never before with the sun setting into the plane of sand paving way for the moon to shine.

3. Tea gardens at Darjeeling

Tea gardens at Darjeeling | Trugo Luxury Travels

A breath of fresh air to cleanse your lungs to take in the aroma of green tea leaves. Watch the greenery roll down in finely cut steps and meeting the blue sky at the top. Complete this experience with a sip of tea from the stalls, it is sure to rejuvenate your mind and body.

4. Hogenakkal Falls in Tamil Nadu

Hogenakkal Falls in Tamil Nadu | trugo Luxury Travels

Referred to as the ‘Niagara falls’ in India, Hogenakkal falls is situated along the river Kaveri. Visit these falls at monsoon when the rivers are filled and the water gushes out through the rocks which is one of the oldest of its kind in the world. The view is breathtakingly pure and contrasting and is sure to be reminisced.

5. Greenery at Bir

A small village located in Himachal Pradesh, Bir is known as the ‘paragliding capital’ of India. Standing at the top of one of the green hills, one can see the entire town set at the backdrop of the Dhauladhar Range of the Himalayas. Look down and watch the settlements of a Tibetan community. Capture this view of a serene landscape either on foot or through a bird’s eye view.

6. Confluence of river Indus and Zanskar

Leh is known for its picturesque scenery at every point, one such view is this magnificent confluence of two rivers. On your way to leh from Kargil city, make a stop to witness this nature’s marvel. Watch from a height as the two water bodies merge beautifully, yet staying apart like the colours on a shade card.

7. Yumthang Valley

Yumthang Valley | Trugo Luxury Travels

Known as the ‘Sikkim Valley of flowers’ this spot is everything that you’ve been looking for at the high ranges. A nature sanctuary with rivers, hot springs, green meadows on one dimension and the high mountain ranges set at the backdrop of a clear blue sky on the other. It is home to a number of species and is the best of nature you can see.

Nature has crafted the smallest pixel in a unique manner. So explore with your eyes open because at every step your encounter is designed to be beautiful. Immerse in them completely with your mind before you pull out your device to capture them.